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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 6 months ago

In 2023, cold emailing is still the best B2B sales channel – as long as you know how to approach it properly.

Cold emailing, a commonly used subset of email marketing campaigns, is the practice of sending unsolicited emails to leads to introduce them to your business. From there, the hope is you can build a lasting business relationship based on mutual value.

In the B2B world, businesses on both ends deal with large volumes of email. Given the competitive landscape that is the modern digital inbox, a common question about cold emailing is, “are they effective?” The answer is yes, absolutely. In 2023, cold emailing is still the best B2B sales channel – as long as you know how to approach it properly.

Why Is Cold Emailing the Best B2B Sales Channel in 2023?

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In an era of search engine optimization, paid search advertising, programmatic display, and social media, sending cold emails remains the best B2B sales channel for these reasons:

Prevalence and Convenience

Email is the principal mode of communication in the business world, largely due to its convenience. Other forms of communication, such as telephone and video calling, require time to arrange, coordinate, and execute, so they intrude on business operations. Email does not. Senders often automate email delivery, and the recipients can read messages when it’s convenient for them.


Business users commonly spend several hours a day scrolling and clicking through their inboxes. Given the prevalence and frequency of email use in business, sending sales emails is a reliable method of making yourself visible to the recipient.


A single message can function as a sort of cold email template you send to numerous recipients in a short amount of time. So, on top of the reliable visibility of cold email outreach, it’s a dependable way to broaden your business’s exposure. 


You don’t have to stick stringently to any template. Rather, when using a boilerplate message, you’d be wise to personalize your cold email subject line and message with touches like:

  • The recipient’s name.
  • The business’s name.
  • Specific details of interest.
  • Relevant social proofs, such as testimonials.

Adding these touches can increase your open rate, or the likelihood of the recipient clicking on your email instead of ignoring it. After they respond, you can further personalize subsequent emails by explaining how your business’s products or services can address their pain points.


You can track many metrics related to the cold emails you send. Aside from the open rate, these include delivery, click-through rate, and bounce rate. With the metric data you collect, you can fine-tune your cold email campaign for greater personalization, appeal, and efficacy.

Cold Email Optimization Best Practices

Optimizing your cold emails means tailoring your message to appeal more directly to your target audience, thereby improving the open rate and increasing the number of conversions. Follow these best practices to write effective cold emails to your leads:

  • Write short subject lines. You can drastically improve your open rate if you keep your subject line under 112 characters. This is because many business users check their email on their smartphone, which has a smaller viewing area than a desktop or notebook computer screen.
  • Don’t bury the lede. In the email body, arrive at the point of the email quickly so the recipient immediately understands how your business can provide them with value.
  • Keep the message short. The recipient should be able to read the entire email in under a minute. The less time they spend, the more receptive to your message they’re likely to be.
  • Include a simple call to action. If you make it clear what you want the recipient to do, you significantly increase the chances of them carrying through. 
  • Include relevant content in your signature. Specifically, provide links to content that elaborates on your business, products, and services. Examples include your official website, blog posts, and contact information. Just don’t overdo it. Including too many links could redirect your email to the spam folder.

Aside from the above practices, one way to cinch a cold email is to know beforehand that you’re contacting professionals with accurate and verified email addresses. A high-powered B2B sales-prospecting platform like BizLeads allows users to validate contact’s email addresses before hitting send. Harnessing the power of American City Business Journals, Bizleads provides uers with accurate, up-to-date, first-party data, as well as millions of continuously validated direct emails to optimize your cold email outreach. 

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