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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 12 months ago

sales hacks for the holiday season
Learn five helpful hacks to help supercharge your sales during the holidays.

Don’t get lost in the noise as everyone competes for holiday sales this season. Instead, follow these five tips to help “hack” the holiday system and get the sales you need to carry you through the end of the year.

Keep reading for the five sales hacks that can increase your bottom line this holiday season.

Lean on your existing customer base

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Your existing customers, especially repeat customers and those who have given good reviews in the past, are considered “warm prospects.” With the right messaging, they are primed to buy from you again.

The holiday season is a great time to reconnect with your existing customer base to promote new products or services. Try dusting off your mailing list and entice previous customers with a holiday promotion or discount.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch when reconnecting. Send out a non-denominational holiday card, which can go a long way with your past and current customers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical card, although those are always a nice touch; an e-card is also a nice gesture. You should also try to get creative when you can. For example, a roofer might send out cards that show Santa’s sleigh landing on a roof.

Time your sales and discounts carefully

Instead of relying on arbitrary incentives, be strategic when planning sales or discounts around this time of year. Think about what your customers are most likely to want right now. For example, if you need to move inventory, then after the holidays is a great time to do clearance sales, not during.

Also, consider what products or services are considered more popular given the seasonal weather. Do your research so that you know your customers and what they’re looking for. You can also look at trends, but don’t overuse them.

And, of course, make sure you have the inventory available to fulfill orders. Late gifts make everyone look bad, including your business.

Engage your audience with holiday cheer

If you have a business blog, write a few holiday-themed posts. You can either get personal and discuss what the holidays mean to you or give tips that talk about how your product or service can make the season brighter.

Just as brick-and-mortar stores typically decorate for the holiday season, you can also decorate your website and social media. Switch your website to a holiday theme and update your social media profile pages with seasonally appropriate creative elements.

Don’t start too early; keep in mind that many people get tired of seeing holiday-related marketing appear weeks before Thanksgiving. Get your holiday stuff ready to go for the day after Black Friday, but don’t do holiday discounts too soon. You also don’t want to start marketing too late, or your competition will “snipe” you.

One idea is to set up a separate landing page for your holiday-themed ads that highlight your holiday sales and discounts in a cheerful way.

Create a gift guide

People love gift guides, especially if they have relatives who are particularly hard to buy for —and who doesn’t? Make the gift guide specific to your business by relating it to your target audience.

Include your own products, of course, but also include other related products. Partnering with other businesses to feature each other’s products can be a great strategy to increase sales and reach new audiences.

Even if you provide a product or service that does not make a good holiday gift, a gift guide that fits the theme can still be a great way to engage your customers. And if you create one, it helps guide people to purchase your products by placing them among other high-quality items they might be interested in. Always make sure that your sales copy is compelling and steers them in the right direction.

Use a sales prospecting tool to generate targeted lists

Finally, you need to make sure that you send the right holiday offers and discounts to the right people. This means building and segmenting your lead lists based on your ideal target customer.

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