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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 2 years ago

The right B2B prospecting tool can help you supercharge your sales with ease.

B2B sales prospecting is a marathon, not a sprint. And you can’t successfully run a race without training first. Go beyond the cold call and supercharge your sales strategy with these helpful tips.

Define an ideal buyer profile

An important first step is to define your ideal buyer profile. Use your current client base to find patterns about your ideal buyer, like job title, industry, and revenue. The more precise the data, the easier it will be to find individuals who’re a good fit instead of chasing prospects who have different focuses and goals.

Evaluate the buying process

Determine what involvement the key players have in the transaction and what’s likely to impact the purchase, like timelines or budget restrictions. Keep your findings at the forefront of your strategy as you progress through the sales cycle.

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Never ignore imperfect leads

If you’ve ever thought contacting a lead within five minutes is challenging, what about the lead that leaves inaccurate contact information? In an age of data breaches and spam, can you blame prospects for being cautious? Always try to validate or find more information about a lead.

Empower your salespeople

With your team on the front lines, sales enablement technology allows them to use their resources to work smarter and close more deals. Align your company goals with prospects’ needs to get more insights and build deeper relationships. This works for identifying pain points and offering solutions, too.

Build a strong email strategy

Email generates $36 for every $1 spent. That’s an astounding 3600% ROI, making it an ideal way to keep clients in the loop about new features or business updates. Create a custom series of emails to nurture new prospects into a first-time purchase. Just ensure you’re practicing proper etiquette to prevent your emails from going into spam folders.

Embrace dynamic visuals

Most people are visual creatures, and perhaps that’s why videos are an effective sales method to inform, inspire, and sell today. Try creating a video that highlights client reviews. This way, you get to enhance your image not only with the client but with your target market as well.

Put the prospect’s needs first

Aside from proving that you’re already solving similar problems with other clients, this is a foolproof way to make genuine connections. “Research the prospect so you can put ideas together that will benefit them based on their company size, location, target market, and so on,” says Jack Sargent, an inbound sales coordinator for Commusoft.

Provide clear next steps along the way

Never leave a prospect wondering when, how, or why they should get back in touch with you. Make as much progress as possible through phone calls, marketing messages, or meetings. If they’re ready to close, guide them through the purchase process. If they need to speak with stakeholders before finalizing a decision, make it happen before your next meetup.

Use a sales prospecting tool to locate your ideal B2B buyer

The right B2B prospecting tool can help you supercharge your sales with ease. The question is, how do you know which prospecting tool is right for your business?

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