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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 1 year ago

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Are you ready to ditch the tedious in-house lead search and supercharge your sales for the new year?

The new year is always a good time to reevaluate your sales process and update your outreach methods. While your main goal is to create effective strategies to source new clients, a lot of the advice out there is stale and tired. You may have already asked your established clients for referrals or improved your sales pitch. If you’re wondering what other ways you can develop business prospects, and you’ve found yourself scouring the internet for different guidance, you’ve come across the right article. Below we’ll cover a few tips to help you supercharge your sales.

1. Contact your marketplace network for referrals

In addition to reaching out to your prospect and customer networks, you should also contact your marketplace network. These are your former colleagues, trade association members, and others within the industry. They’re often overlooked sources of new sales for your product or services. Building new relationships and strengthening existing connections with these contacts can increase the possibility of finding new business. Within this web, you and your employees may discover exciting prospects you wouldn’t have otherwise realized.

2. Focus on social selling

If you haven’t focused on social selling yet, now is the time to start. While many organizations have a social media presence and post regularly, countless companies still aren’t utilizing this cost-effective strategy to find new clients. By engaging potential customers through social media outlets, you’re building an intimate relationship of trust and authenticity. Additionally, sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter have groups where you can interact with other peers within your industry, including B2B prospects. Your sales assistant, marketing manager and you should have professional accounts and start connecting with potential clients as well as those in your marketplace network.

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3. Build lists to target leads

You probably already know that the most effective strategy to boost your sales is by sourcing new clients, and you may even have your staff members searching for fresh leads. But this can be a drag on your employees. Most in-house lead generation is inefficient for a few reasons. For instance, it’s usually performed when the sales team has run out of leads, so your staff is scrambling for new prospects to meet their deadline-driven sales goals. This rushed search could result in incomplete contact information or poor-quality leads.

Additionally, unless your business has a department dedicated to finding new clients and updating your lists, your sales team is likely doing most of the work. This slows the sales pipeline considerably and could result in employee burnout. If the responsibility of discovering prospects has fallen to more junior staff members, as it often does, it could result in substandard leads because of their inexperience and lack of business acumen.

A dynamic lead list depends on quality data collection. Internal staff isn’t equipped to source all your company’s potential business. According to NNC Services, lead generation is 43% more effective when it’s outsourced rather than obtained in-house. By passing this task to an external source, such as a sales prospecting platform, your employees will have more time to hone their sales and marketing skills and win new business. If you aren’t sure where to start, that’s where BizLeads enters the equation.

BizLeads is a cloud-based prospecting tool developed by American City Business Journals. This easy-to-use technology gives you access to over 30 million businesses and 90 million business professionals and provides the most first-party collected information of any sales prospecting platform. The BizLeads interface offers you 14+ filters based on self-reported data, such as industry, location, number of employees and company revenue. With this tool, your team members will be able to focus less on lead generation and more on building relationships and closing sales.

Are you ready to ditch the tedious in-house lead search and supercharge your sales for the new year?

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