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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 12 months ago

The right leads include decision makers who have the buying power to say yes to your product or services.

To close more business, it’s crucial to get in front of the right leads to promote your business. The right leads include decision makers who have the buying power to say yes to your product or services. That’s where targeted lead generation can help. With an effective lead generation approach, you can supercharge your sales efforts by reaching the right decision makers early, which can help protect your sales team’s time and energy.

Lead generation technology is constantly evolving with new methods to help businesses attract and close new customers. Keep reading to learn about lead generation marketing strategies and a powerful new business prospecting tool that can help you broaden your reach, net leads, and land more wins for your business.

Why is lead generation important for you?

Generating sales leads and fostering them into happy, paying customers is vital to help your company grow. To increase your revenue, you need to find the right customers who want to buy your products or services. You also want to get to know your customer to understand their needs.

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Two ideas to make the lead generation process work

Lead generation is all about nurturing contacts from the very start of the sales process to the final phase where they become a paying customer.

There are two ways to get new leads to move through your sales funnel towards the purchasing phase:

1. The inbound method

Inbound activities attract buyers using high-quality content that appeals to your ideal client. These can include free industry reports, videos, blogs, demos, and other content. You can also utilize a form, chatbot, or landing page to try and turn them from a visitor into a lead.

The end goal of the inbound method is to provide your buyers with content they can use that encourages them to contact you for your goods or services. It may take you some trial and error to discover what interests people.

Inbound lead generation generally costs less than outbound, but it also takes longer to get results.

2. The outbound method

Outbound lead generation works when you start the conversation with a lead by tailoring messages to a targeted audience.

You can adopt outbound marketing activities through cold calling, a personal email, or at an event, like trade shows or sports tournaments. Outbound marketing allows you to reach a wider pool of prospects quickly, so it’s easier to see the ROI. You also have more control over finding prospects that fit your ideal buyer persona.

What’s the future of lead generation?

Once you’ve collected leads, you can begin to nurture or encourage them to grow into paying clients. The best ways to find and develop business leads are changing.

A McKinsey report revealed an emerging sales trend, with more decision makers preferring digital interactions across multiple mediums. The report says, “B2B customers now regularly use ten or more channels to interact with suppliers (up from just five in 2016).”

Channels like SEO, ad targeting, and social media all work together to create sales opportunities. Investigating and focusing on channels that generate the most qualified leads will help you create better-performing campaigns.

Thriving businesses need to keep up with the latest lead-generating tools and methods to adapt to changing customer attitudes and needs.

BizLeads can help streamline the lead generation process.

BizLeads: a sales prospecting tool for lead generation

Finding quality leads is important for every sales team. That’s why American City Business Journals, a leading publisher of metropolitan news in the U.S., has launched BizLeads, an intelligent sales prospecting platform that can help you discover high-value business leads.

BizLeads makes connecting with your leads easier. With BizLeads’ easy-to-use online system, your sales team can:

  • Rapidly pinpoint the leads that match your ideal customer.
  • Sort through contact information for over 80 million business professionals, including emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles for key decision makers.
  • Use 14+ filters to narrow your search based on industry, number of employees, company revenue, location, job title, and more.

Because BizLeads is powered by American City Business Journals, the platform holds the most first-party reported data on business professionals and private companies in the United States. As a subscriber, you would have the ability to quickly search for your ideal target customer and then download a curated prospect list. It’s lead generation made easy!

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