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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 2 years ago

Savvy marketers are wise to take advantage of the latest sales prospecting technologies.

As the holiday season approaches — the most lucrative time of year for many businesses — it’s time to convert prospects by perfecting your brand messaging and marketing initiatives.

Holiday sales are expected to grow 10.5% to 13.5% this year and exceed $4.4 trillion, as predicted by the National Retail Federation. So, there’s plenty to go around if you nail your holiday marketing.

To get the most out of the seasonal surge, you’ll need a solid plan to harness every channel’s potential. Here are five ways to create a holiday campaign that brings results.

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1. Re-engage

The festive season is a chance to spend time with the people who matter most. Why not apply this principle to your sales funnel? You could start a re-engagement campaign targeting those who’ve shown interest in your product or service before but backpedaled for more pressing activities.

These warm prospects are ideally positioned to engage in something new or exciting. Try highlighting limited-time deals to entice them to register or subscribe. Nurture those who sign up through an email campaign featuring sneak peeks of your holiday promotions, such as a free feature or seasonal product. Be creative — this is a chance to reconnect with people over what ties your business relationship to the holidays.

2. Promote rewards

Loyalty programs don’t just secure customer lifetime value through personalized and relevant engagement; they also strengthen customer relationships and increase conversions. About 78% of consumers are likely to buy from a company with a loyalty program, says Salesforce.

A recent survey by Clarus Commerce found that consumers join reward programs to get discounts for the holidays. Also, nearly every respondent said product discounts were the primary benefit they liked to have from a loyalty program membership.

It’s clear that shoppers want to save money during the holiday season, so go beyond discounts and points by offering first access to sales, exclusive events, or faster shipping. These types of experiences are more compelling and make your customers feel special.

3. Use branded phone calls

Marketers rely too often on email workflows or sequences when prospecting. Using branded phone calls instead to kick-start a digital customer experience can boost demand for your products or services.

Although supply chain issues and scammers have consumers on guard, human interactions are still highly valued. People want to hear from you, just not on an unknown number.

Get past that hesitation by tailoring a personalized phone call using your company name and logo to announce holiday specials or events. Every conversation gives you a firmer grasp of your prospect’s preferences and helps you deepen the engagement, hopefully leading to more sales.

4. Deliver informative content

High-quality content helps sales and marketing teams generate productive leads. Creating this type of content starts with a well-researched buyer persona. For one company, buyer personas contributed to a 175% increase in leads sent to sales and a 72% reduction in lead conversion time, according to research by Protocol 80.

Knowing what motivates consumers and their purchasing habits helps you deliver content to them appropriately. That content should always educate your prospect on what your product or service is and how it’s beneficial—make sure you give people a reason to download that eBook or watch a product overview video. These lead magnets drive prospects right into your funnel. Avoid using the same content to cater to every audience, though. Personalization is key.

5. Use the right resources

Savvy marketers are wise to take advantage of the latest sales prospecting technologies. While B2C sales teams can rely on traditional holiday marketing campaigns, B2B marketers now have an opportunity to approach sales prospecting in easier and more efficient ways.

American City Business Journals recently unwrapped BizLeads, a groundbreaking cloud-based B2B prospecting tool that provides easy access to private company dossiers, key decision-makers, and contact information on over 30 million private companies and 75 million business professionals across the U.S.

BizLeads is rich in first-party data collected by American City Business Journals and enables businesses to save time, money, and resources when assembling relevant leads and B2B prospect lists for their direct sales and marketing outreach.

This holiday season, find quality leads, pinpoint the right prospects, and grow your business with BizLeads!

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