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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 8 months ago

Does your sales prospecting tool check all the boxes? Build a better sales pipeline with BizLeads, a prospecting tool powered by The Business Journals.

B2B prospecting can eat away at your sales team’s valuable time and energy. Whether you’re the VP of Sales and Marketing for a Fortune 500 organization or a tech entrepreneur looking to get out of the garage, it’s clear that searching for verified and targeted leads can be time-consuming. 

Or maybe you spend a lot of time generating leads yourself. You scour neighborhoods, visit tradeshows, and take part in all the Chamber of Commerce events you can manage. You know you have a quality product because your customers are thrilled. If only you could duplicate yourself or your sales floor manager and dedicate all your time to lead generation.  

BizLeads makes it easier than ever for you to get quality sales leads fast. Whether you want B2B contacts in a particular industry or need to reach a specific geo-demographic user, BizLeads can help. 

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Use Better Business Leads to Scale Successfully  

Scaling a successful business sounds easy, conceptually. In the broadest terms, you need more customers, more products on hand, and more staff. What could be so hard about that?  

If only it were that easy. The first step to scaling an existing business is generating more sales and revenue. You’ll need capital on hand to power growth and hire talented staff. 

Yes, you can play around with profit margins a little. But the value proposition of your product or service must remain static. In other words, this is not the time to lower your quality standards to plump profit margins. Nor should you drastically increase your prices. That would expose you to the competition when you least need it. 

The bottom line is this: You need to fill your sales funnel with more B2B leads. 

What Makes One Lead Generation Service Better Than Another? 

Here, we’ll explore three points you should consider when purchasing a lead generation service.  

Customizable Lists 

Your business is unique, which means your B2B leads should be unique, too. Whether you need email addresses or direct phone numbers, the best sales leads will match your unique business with a targeted list of customers. 

With BizLeads, you can sort lists based on 14+ metrics, such as: 

  • Geography / location 
  • Industry 
  • Business revenue  
  • Company size 
  • Job seniority 
  • Employee count 

These filters will allow your team to reach your target customer efficiently.  

Well-Scrubbed, Up-to-Date Lists 

If you’ve previously tried to use a business lead generation service, you know how frustrating it is to pay for duplicate leads, disconnected phone numbers, useless mailing addresses, or dead-end email addresses.  

BizLeads is different. We scrub our lists through several processes so your team can count on reliable and up-to-date data. We don’t sell duplicate numbers or ancient email addresses. We validate the contact details of over 90 million decision-makers from more than 30 million organizations in real time.  

Pricing You Can Live With Today and Grow With Tomorrow 

Whether you need B2B leads in a specific zip code or nationwide, BizLeads can help. We never pull a bait-and-switch or hit you with unexpected charges. 

With plans starting as low as $57 per month, our cloud-based prospecting tool is affordable and budget-friendly. As you grow, your need for leads will grow, too. And BizLeads has the ability to scale with your business.  

Broaden Your Sales Search with New Audiences 

Sometimes a business needs to change its image or focus on the products or services it does best. If you’re getting ready to rebrand, a quality sales lead list from BizLeads will help you put your business in front of fresh faces that are right for your services or products.  

Does Your Sales Prospecting Tool Do All of That? 

If your lead generation service doesn’t do all that, it’s time to make the switch. BizLeads is owned by American City Business Journals, the largest publisher of metropolitan news in the United States. ACBJ provides BizLeads with the most self-reported data of any prospecting tool currently on the market.  

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