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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 8 months ago

4 lead generation mistakes to avoid
Are you making these four common lead generation mistakes? Find out how to amplify your B2B prospecting.

No matter your industry, lead generation is among the most powerful tools available to find new customers. But it’s not always easy. While 91% of marketers consider lead generation their biggest goal, 61% also call it their biggest challenge. Building a reliable flow of B2B leads is complex, and putting the right strategy in place is crucial.  

In addition to finding the right lead generation tactics, that also means avoiding the common mistakes and traps that too many marketing and sales prospecting professionals fall into. Here are the four biggest lead generation mistakes you’ll need to avoid to generate targeted B2B leads and grow your customer base. 

1. You Don’t Know Your Audience (Well Enough) 

Every business should have at least a basic understanding of its target audience. But do you know your potential sales leads and customers well enough to build a successful lead generation strategy that’s specifically optimized for them?  

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The answer to that question goes beyond demographics, expanding to motivations and pain points. Once you know what drives your audience, and what types of questions they have when looking for solutions like yours, generating leads becomes much easier. 

For example, you might be looking to generate B2B leads for your financial management SaaS solution for startups. If you know that new business owners tend to get frustrated because most existing software assumes significant financial management knowledge, you could build lead generation content specifically designed to address those issues and position yourself as more relevant and helpful than your competition. 

2. You Haven’t Optimized Your Website for Lead Generation 

Your website is one of the most essential tools when it comes to successful lead generation. While many marketers set up individual lead generation landing pages, few take the time to ensure they’ve optimized their entire web presence toward generating high-quality leads. 

Doing so requires understanding typical user journeys, including the sequence of information they tend to consume. From there, it’s about creating natural conversion journeys through effective calls-to-action that build on each other and drive your audience to conversion points. 

Finally, it’s important to remember that not all website visitors are at the same stage in the sales funnel. Truly optimizing your website for lead generation means building unique content, landing pages, and calls to action for early, middle, and late funnel prospects. 

3. You’re Not Aligning Sales and Marketing 

Is lead generation a sales or a marketing strategy? Experts tend to disagree on this question based on their own background. The more likely truth: it’s both, connecting the dots between outreach marketing campaigns and sales prospecting. 

That means one thing above all: your lead generation strategy has to be aligned with both your sales and marketing strategies. Messaging, targeting, visuals, and flow should be consistent with both the first touchpoint your audience might have with your brand and that final sales pitch to convert the lead into a paying customer. 

4. You’re Not Using Technology to Amplify Your Lead Generation 

Finally, relying solely on organic leads from your website could be a potentially costly mistake. Instead, utilize the right tools and technology to play a significant role in amplifying your lead generation efforts. 

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