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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 8 months ago

Set your sales and marketing teams up for success by following these five B2B sales tricks to engage with new prospects.

Are you searching for new ideas to master your sales strategy and exceed your prospecting goals? B2B sales success begins with effective prospecting methods to ensure your team is generating the right targeted leads. 

It doesn’t really matter if your sales team works mainly with a single decision-maker or with a series of industry influencers. What matters is that your sales team connects to the right prospects at the right time. 

Generating business leads quickly, easily, and accurately is paramount. Keep reading to learn five helpful tricks to master your sales strategy and close more business. 

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Trick #1: Define Your Ideal Buyer Persona (IBP) 

It’s important to align your marketing and sales efforts with your Ideal Buyer Persona or IBP. An IBP is a list of demographics that your ideal customer identifies with, such as job title, industry, company size, or location. Aligning your sales strategy to your IBP can help you close new customers and retain their business. 

Trick #2: Empower Your Sales Team 

The sky is the limit when you give your sales team easy access to the right sales prospecting info. Access to the best prospecting tools can allow your team to spend more time learning, planning, and preparing instead of just searching for new lead information and verifying data. 

When you have verified sales prospecting data, you can break the sales strategy into obvious, actionable steps. Each step relies on having correct contact information and knowing the best way to use it with each prospect, customer, and referral. Having verified and accurate data is empowering. 

Trick #3: Get Accurate, Comprehensive, and Specific IBP Data 

The success and productivity of your CRM software rely on you inputting, updating, and using data. You generate some of that data via inbound and outbound marketing campaigns as well as from face-to-face meetings. Now, you can get access to the contact details of 90 million business professionals across 2,200 industry categories with Read on for more information. 

With BizLeads’ verified lead generation data at your fingertips, you can now deploy email campaigns, advertising, and cold-calling efforts effectively, instead of having your sales team waste time and energy tracking down new leads.  

Trick #4: Filter Current and Verified Data 

Don’t let your salespeople waste their time chasing prospects with inaccurate contact information. Access to a database of 90 million business professionals, many of whom are decision-makers, will allow your sales team to connect with prospects who always have up-to-date names, job titles, and contact details available from 

With 14+ unique filters, your sales team can focus its search on, for example, geolocation, business industry keywords, employee size, company revenue, job title, and more. You choose which of the 14+ filters will deliver the most useful lead generation data to meet your IBP for the products or services you sell. 

Trick #5: Use Lead Generation Data to Motivate 

Sales and marketing specialists want to get results. They want to win and earn commissions, bonuses, pay raises, and awards. When you give them readily available, accurate, and reliable data, it does more than enable them to do their jobs; it motivates them. Plus, BizLeads’ helpful lead generation data can easily integrate into your current CRM.  

How To Integrate These Five Tricks into Your Sales Strategy 

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