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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 2 years ago

Are you ready to start generating more qualified sales prospects and have access to data analytics and visualization tools that make it easier to connect with your audience?

Bringing in quality sales leads as a B2B brand can be challenging. You need a steady stream of new, qualified leads coming in who are looking for what you have to offer. But as a sales newbie, figuring out how to reach out to find those potential leads can be tough.

How can you find the right leads, and more importantly, show them that your business has something relevant to offer them? If you’re new to the world of sales prospecting, try these four key tricks to start filling your sales pipeline today.

1. Use cold calling effectively

Cold calling is still a tried-and-true strategy for bringing in new leads. Through cold calling, you can build a rapport with people in your target industry, learn more about their specific pain points, and get a better feel for exactly how your business can provide solutions for them.

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Generating that rapport through your cold calls is critical. To do this, make sure that you:

  • Listen intently. Ask them about their needs and be interested in what they have to say. You want your prospects to know that you understand their industry and that you want to help them.
  • Have client success stories on hand. How have you helped other clients in the past? That information can help build trust with today’s prospects.
  • Keep it short. Don’t take up too much of their time, especially on a first call.

Cold calls are a great way to connect with people for the first time and start building awareness of your brand and everything you have to offer.

2. Generate targeted emails

Email can be one of the most effective prospecting strategies in your arsenal. Email generates around $42 for every $1 spent on marketing and has an average open rate of 19.8%. Cold emails can help raise awareness of your brand and your products and services.

If you want a successful email campaign, however, it’s important not to just send out the same generic email to everyone on your list. Instead, take the time to send out targeted emails that reflect the needs of each individual or segment. You can adapt the content of your emails based on a customer’s:

  • location
  • needs
  • industry

With targeted emails, you can tailor your message to the specific needs of your prospects, which will increase the odds that you’ll acquire quality leads who’re ready to make a purchase.

3. Use inbound marketing strategies to help draw in clients who are already looking for what you have to offer

As part of your overall marketing plan, make sure you’re taking full advantage of inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing means tailoring content and experiences to the customer. Doing this helps you bring in more productive leads and guide them through the sales funnel with less effort because they’re already interested in some facet of your product or services.

Building an inbound marketing strategy may involve:

  • Using Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content
  • Posting on social media
  • Creating high-quality blogs
  • Publishing gated content designed to capture contact information

As you collect leads through your inbound marketing efforts, you’ll also build your online presence and reputation, which will help customers feel more confident about what you have to offer.

4. Use the right sales prospecting tools to help generate the contacts you need

Using the right techniques for prospecting is all well and good, but it’s critical that you have accurate, up-to-date information to begin with. It’s essential for your sales strategy to include validated emails and correct contact information for your prospects, so that you aren’t wasting time connecting with the wrong individuals. The right sales prospecting tool can help put you in front of qualified decision-makers who have buying power for their organization.

That’s where BizLeads can help!

At BizLeads, we offer first-party data collected by American City Business Journals that makes it easier for you to create a highly effective sales prospect list filled with dependable and validated contact information. Our easy-to-use prospecting tool allows users to search for contact information on over 30 million private companies and 80 million business professionals nationwide. Any sales professional, seasoned or newbie, can benefit from using BizLeads powerful sales prospecting platform to build targeted lead lists.

Are you ready to start generating more qualified sales prospects and have access to data analytics and visualization tools that make it easier to connect with your audience?

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