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BizLeads Posted by: BizLeads 10 months ago

As a sales expert, you know that building a quality prospect list is time-consuming, which can get in the way of reaching your sales goals and closing more business. The market is saturated with business-to-business prospecting tools that promise to make this process simpler and more efficient. But how do you know which prospecting tool can actually deliver the data you’re looking for?

Here are some common ways that business prospecting tools get it wrong, so you can avoid making mistakes as you navigate the hurdles of building a quality sales list.

1. It’s unable to define your market

To win at prospecting, you have to first understand your target market. Start by defining your ideal buyer persona (IBP). Narrow down who your prospect is, what they do, and whether their business can benefit from yours. An ideal buyer persona should also identify your target prospect based on their industry, company size, budget, pain points, and goals.

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Defining your target market is crucial to business prospecting. You have to be able to sort through criteria that meets your ideal prospect quickly and effectively. Once you do that, you’re then able to execute powerful sales sequences and go after the right leads who can benefit from your services or product.

2. It fails to keep up with industry happenings

New business development is all about timing. Knowing when to call on decision makers and what to talk to them about can increase your conversion rate, especially when you incorporate sales trigger events.

That’s why it’s important to stay abreast of significant activity happening in your target industries. Changes within a company can open windows of opportunity to engage—which you should leverage before it closes.

For example, say a company replaces its leadership and the new executives are looking to switch things up. They will likely start requesting proposals as they re-evaluate expenses on services and products they outsource, and you want to be the one to get in front of them first.

Or perhaps a company is expanding, which means an increase in office locations, staff, sales, and investments. All of these factors indicate company growth, which means there’s a greater influx of revenue coming in to spend on your product’s solutions.

If your business prospecting tool is unable to keep up with industry happenings, like personnel changes who have new contact information, then you are missing the mark on a potential new sale.

3. It’s not reaching the right decision makers

Don’t run in circles trying to sell your product or services to employees who do not have buying power. An effective business prospecting tool will allow you to identify key decision makers who have the ability to say yes or no to purchasing your product or services.

An effective business prospecting tool should allow users to filter through leads for business contacts based on their title and role within an organization. You don’t want to reach out to any and every employee in the building to try to sell your product or services. Save time by being targeted with your approach and by ensuring your contacts have the ability to give your product or service the green light.

Try BizLeads

If you’re worried there isn’t a business prospecting tool that can avoid the mistakes listed above, we have great news!

American City Business Journals, one of the leading business news publications in the U.S., has created a tool called BizLeads to help solve your business prospecting problems. ACBJ introduced BizLeads to empower subscribers to make decisions based on constantly validated, self-reported, live data on more than 30 million private companies and 80 million business professionals across the country.

With BizLeads, sales professionals can:

  • Identify targeted company prospects based on 2,200 industry classifications
  • Search for organizations based on company name, location, revenue or employee size
  • Find contact information for Owners, C-suite executives, and decision-makers by Title
  • Get real-time updates on prospects and leads

BizLeads users are already becoming more productive and achieving their desired results using the platform’s 14+ unique search filters. These features allow them to curate laser-focused prospect lists packed with quality leads who fit their ICPs — in just a few clicks.

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